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Water Spout Container

Color: Black Metal Container



Quantity: 2


Dimenions: H 29"

Vase: H 11 1/2" x Diam. 6 1/4"

Color: Multi Gray Rustic Metal

double base


Quantity: 2


Dimenions: H 25 1/2"

Vase: H 7" x  Diam. 6" (each)

Color: Dark Brown Metal



Quantity: 1


Dimenions: H 24"

Vase H 6" x Diam. 8"

Metal water spout flower container


Here are unique containers,  fun for any occasion.  Each one is made from  metal  and come in various shades of black, gray and brown. Combine to make a spring watering statement!



Rental Price: $3.00 (each)


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