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Baskets &  Barrels

Bushel Basket

Authentic bushel basket for rustic and country wedding theme. Great for popcorn station!


Size: Width 9.5 in Height: 14 in


Quantity 2


Rental Price $3.00 ea.

Small Apple Basket

Adorable One Peck Baskets on hand in case you need to add to your basket display. These extra baskets are 11 in diameter and 7 deep in natural unfinished pine.

Quantity: 10 Available

Rental Price: $2.00

Vintage Pie Basket

This is a perfect, multi-functional piece.  with a removable stand and a latch to keep the lid secure, it can be added to any table to hold a sweet bouquet of flowers or just n accent piece for picture frames and signage. 

Quantity- 1

Rental Price: $10.00

Vintage Wooden Barrel

Authentic wooden barrel. medal trim


Size: Width 14" Height: 24"


Quantity 2


Rental Price $4.00

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