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 Decorative Birdcages

Assorted  Decorative Birdcages


These birdcages add a  Victorain  elegance to any affair. Great centerpieces. Add candles or florals, or both! Any accent to make it unique to your affair.


Quantity: 15


Dimenions:Assorted S-M-L


Rental Price: $4.00-$6.00-$8.00



Classic Round Decorative Birdcage


This birdcage is painted in an elegant matte finish which gives it a timeless feel. Easily incorporate it into your reception décor or use it as a unique wishing well.

Alloy Metal Wire


Quantity: 1


Dimenions:10" Dia. 16 1/2" tall


Rental Price: $15.00



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